[INDEHELA-L] New PhD thesis: Zeferino Saugene / Customization

Mikko Korpela mikko.korpela at uef.fi
Sat Mar 22 17:47:05 EET 2014

Mr Zeferino Saugene of the Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique, defended his doctoral thesis at the University of Oslo, Norway, in February.  The title of thesis is:

Customization of Generic Open Source Software for Health Sector in Developing Countries:
A Practice Based Approach

The topic of his trial lecture was:

Software Ecosystems and their Role in Software Design and Development Trends

The INDEHELA network is proud to have contributed, although in a small scale, to the thesis and thus recognizes it among the outputs of the current ISD4D project.  The full list of papers that have a relation to INDEHELA is available at:

The presentation slides of the trial lecture and public defence are available at:

Participants of the ICD4D project can access the full text of the thesis in the project’s wiki at:
https://wiki.uef.fi/display/INDEHELAISD4D -> Publications by us

Please send congratulations and further questions directly to Dr Zaugene to zeferino.saugene at gmail.com<mailto:zeferino.saugene at gmail.com>.

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