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15th World Congress on Health and Biomedical Informatics
August 19-23, 2015 in vibrant Sao Paulo, Brazil

The International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) is pleased to announce that the 15th World Congress on Health and Biomedical Informatics (MEDINFO 2015) will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, organized by the Brazilian Health Informatics Association (SBIS). MEDINFO 2015 is a premier conference that brings together world leaders, researchers, practitioners, educators, and students to exchange ideas and contribute to the latest developments, innovations, and global trends in the rapidly advancing, multidisciplinary field of Health and Biomedical Informatics. It will be the first time that Latin America will host such an important and prestigious conference!

Under the theme eHealth-enabled Health, the world leaders in this field will gather in Brazil to share knowledge and analyze how Health and Biomedical Informatics are contributing to address some of the most challenging problems in health care, public health, consumer health and biomedical research. Researchers, clinicians, technologists and managers are invited to contribute and share experiences on the use of information methods, systems and technologies to improve patient safety, enhance care outcomes, promote patient-centered care, facilitate translational research, enable precision medicine and improve education and skills in health informatics. Please refer to the MEDINFO 2015 website for detailed information:


Important dates

Opening of online submission system

15 August 2014

Opening of MEDINFO 2015 Registrations

01 October 2014

Deadline for Full Paper, Student Paper, Vision Paper and Poster submissions

15 December 2014

Deadline for Panel, Tutorial, Workshop and Demo submissions

15 January 2015

Notification of Acceptance

15 March 2015

Deadline for final version of submissions

10 April 2015

MEDINFO 2015 starts

19 August 2015

Call for papers and other submissions

MEDINFO 2015 is organized around three axis relevant to the domains of translational bioinformatics, clinical informatics, clinical research informatics, nursing informatics, consumer health informatics and public health informatics. The theme and the topics of the congress are listed in more detail at the congress website www.medinfo2015.org<http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=5720931&msgid=13705&act=PIA9&c=1508955&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.medinfo2015.org>. All submissions must be in English and conform to the prescribed submission guidelines and formats also available at the website. In summary, MEDINFO 2015 welcomes the following types of contributions:

Full Paper: A full paper is an original contribution with novel methodologies or new insights that advance the science and application of health and biomedical informatics. Each full paper must be no more than five pages in length. Accepted papers will be presented as oral presentations at the conference.

Vision Paper: A vision paper is a well-thought, well-argued position statement that highlights new challenges and proposes potential directions and novel solutions in health and biomedical informatics. Each vision paper must be no more than five pages in length. Accepted papers will be presented as oral presentations at the conference.

Student Paper: A student paper summarizes a student-led, complete or nearly complete research or development effort; the top eight student papers will be selected for award consideration and invited to present at the pre-conference Student Paper Competition. Student papers presented at the competition and other accepted student papers will also be presented at the pre-conference doctoral symposium or the regular conference program. Each student paper must be no more than five pages in length.

Poster: A poster illustrates pilot research, research in progress, or the design of a system or process, with a clear statement of the degree of innovation. Each poster must be submitted as a one-page abstract and must conform to the MEDINFO 2015 abstract format. Accepted abstracts will be presented as posters at the conference.

Panel: A panel is a forum for a moderated analysis of an important issue or an emerging trend in health and biomedical informatics. A panel involves 1 90-minute session, with 4-5 presenters, including a moderator; preference will be given to panels with presenters from multiple countries or perspectives. Each panel proposal must be no more than three pages in length. Accepted proposals will be presented as panel sessions at the conference.

Demonstration: A demonstration showcases an innovative, non-commercial system resulting from research or private-public efforts. A demonstration proposal should clearly describe the system/process to be demonstrated and provide a clear statement of the innovation. Each demonstration proposal must be no more than three pages in length. Accepted proposals will be presented as theatre-style demonstrations at the conference.

Workshop: A workshop is an informative or interactive session that addresses a specific theme or topic in health and biomedical informatics. A workshop involves 1 or 2 90-minute sessions, with 4-5 main speakers who introduce the main topics and other active participants. A workshop proposal should list the main speakers affiliations, the target participants, a summary of the topics to be covered, and the proposed activities and expected outcomes, e.g., oral presentations, posters, and break-out sessions, etc. Each workshop proposal must be no more than three pages in length. Note that workshops are part of the main congress program and participation will not incur addition registration fees.

Tutorial: A tutorial is an education session that introduces a specific topic in health and biomedical informatics. A tutorial usually involves 1 or 2 180-minute sessions, with 1-3 instructors. A tutorial proposal should list the instructors affiliations, the target audience, pre-requisite knowledge, a set of learning objectives and expected outcomes, a summary of the topics to be covered, and the interactive strategies to engage the audience. Each tutorial proposal must be no more than three pages in length. Note that tutorials are part of the pre-congress program and participation will incur additional registration fees.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the scientific program and submission requirements, please write to the Scientific Program Co-Chairs: Fernando Martin-Sanchez, PhD (fjms at unimelb.edu.au<mailto:fjms at unimelb.edu.au>) and Kaija Saranto, PhD (kaija.saranto at uef.fi<mailto:kaija.saranto at uef.fi>).

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is an emblematic and surprising city. As a business hub, it is a leader in South America, either due to its large market, its infrastructure and its service network or for boasting some of the best research centers and qualified professionals, all of which make the metropolis a commercial and trendsetter hub, where subsidiaries of the worlds largest companies are located.

But there is another side to the town that visitors have started to discover - and have eventually fallen in love with. Its that side of Sao Paulo that pulsates with culture, creativity, innovation, haute cuisine, entertainment, and diversity, captivating people from all over the country and the world. The Sao Paulo that blends cutting-edge international trends to the peculiarities of Brazilian culture, creating unique and innovative products, tours, places and experiences.


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