[INDEHELA-L] Research Award for Prof Retha de la Harpe ...

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Congratulations Retha, you really deserve this award! 😊

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Subject: [INDEHELA-L] Research Award for Prof Retha de la Harpe ...

Dear All,
It is with pleasure and pride that I refer you to the email below. Johannes Cronje, the author of the email, is the Dean of the Informatics and Design faculty at CPUT. 
The honour awarded to our INDEHELA principal investigator at CPUT, Prof Retha de la Harpe, is evidence of her profound dedication to research. By the way this is an INDEHELA award because most of the students under her supervision are INDEHELA babies she is nursing .... 
Congratulations to Retha.

From: Johannes Cronje

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Subject: Congratulations! Wilhelm and Retha

Dear all
Please join me in congratulating Mr Wilhelm Rothman and Prof Retha de la Harpe on their recent institutional awards.
Prof De la Harpe received a Bronze award for post-graduate supervision, and Mr Rothman won the Institutional Teaching and Learning award.
Well done to both of you.
You make us proud.
Best wishes


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